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Active, Fun Community Lumy Tools™ for Server management Custom Vote Party and Vote Crates Custom Resource World with Marble, Basalt, Nether Ores, and Hidden Prizes Moon, Mars, Space Stations Limited Banned itemsWebsite: [url=][/url] Server IP: | Discord: [url][/url] Teamspeak:

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
Minefreak00 14
themegaHG 13
Volzec 12
jbro1231 11
bugofcake 10
Cguioper 10
_OmegaGaming_ 9
matthewg123 9
TrumpAirlines 9
gmantiger 8
ToxicGreen_ 7
KingSnowy 7
alurian82 7
PsychedelicDuck 7
Esoteric_Eel 6