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MineRoyale is a network based on developing Unique games, with complete originality or a game-changing twist. We currently have two games, and another game under construction. Our first game mode "Castle Wars" is based off Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale, & factions- featuring goblin raids, kingdoms (similar to factions), wars, PvP, roleplay and much more. Our second game mode is "KitPvP", but it has a major difference than most. It includes care packages, custom enchants, limited teaming rules, and an interactive, detailed map.  Ready to play? Connect using the IP: Play.MineRoyale.Net. Your adventure starts here!

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ihazhackz 20
gboy28 16
Bigglarry 14
Swagyboss 13
chairpop 13
_minergage_ 13
Tie_Dye_Llama 10
baracuda2013 10
Eichelfan 10
azumino_master_1 9
CFOP_user 9
Titan_Anson 9
norblue 9
marshalROGER 9
Endo_the_Pleb 9

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