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MineRoyale is a network based on developing Unique games, with complete originality or a game-changing twist. We currently have two games, and another game under construction.  Our first game mode "Castle Wars" is based off Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale, & factions- featuring goblin raids, kingdoms (similar to factions), wars, PvP, roleplay and much more. Our second game mode is "KitPvP", but it has a major difference than most. It includes care packages, custom enchants, limited teaming rules, and an interactive, detailed map.  Our second gamemode is MC-GTA. Based off of GTAMC & GTA V, we provide an awesome remake of it, while also adding several new features. Featuring guns, explosives, cars, supply drops, and much more, this gamemode is sure to provide countless hours of fun.  Our third and newest gamemode is Verruckt Prison HCF. Our biggest, most expensive, and possibly best server we have ever created.  We were tired of those boring, useless prison servers where all you did was mine. We went a VERY different and unique route by adding tons of Unique elements. Within the prison, there are cells, guns, mysteries, explosives, PvP, guards, crime, shops, black markets, an HCF build world, gangs, and so much more. It is truly a unique, amazing experience that you will not forget.  Ready to play? Connect using the IP: Play.MineRoyale.Net. Your adventure starts here!

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