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[color=#222222]Our community is welcoming and ready for new players at all times, so if you're looking for a server where you can control the server then join now![/color] Randoms has been going since 4/12/2015 so don't expect us to go down anytime soon :) [color=#222222]Server owned by [/color][url][/url][color=#222222] (23k subs at time of writing this)[/color] Market / Shop [color=#222222]- The economy is completely in the players hands.[/color] [color=#222222]- Shops are made by the player.[/color] [color=#222222]- Prices fluctuate like a real market with inflation and rare items.[/color] Staff [color=#222222]- We have pride over our mature staff ready to serve at a moments notice![/color] [color=#222222]- All staff are trained to handle situations with swift efficiency.[/color] [color=#222222]- 1+ year of service on almost all staff for our server.[/color] Community [color=#222222]- Not only do we pride our staff, but we pride our community for kindness.[/color] [color=#222222]- Mature.[/color] [color=#222222]- Completely open armed for you![/color] So stop waiting, stop reading, start joining :D


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