It's bullshit!!!! .net It's bullshit!!!! .net

Port 25565
MOTD Welcome to HELL!!
Players Couldn't fetch data
Version 1.7.10
Country country CA
Owner vaid333
Category PvP RPG Towny Raiding Economy 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 3921 minutes ago

OMG OMG OMG!!!!  A new server, it's so exciting!!!! But how do we join it , HOW??  Firstly this is a RESONANT RISE server on the ATLauncher platform... What are you doing ??? Stop reading and download it!!!! Once you downloaded this crap and installed it... Most likely you tried installing it in your downloads folder but w/e that's your problem hehehe... So now you go to USERS and create your user in this awesome launcher. You go to PACKS and select RESONANT RISE 3. Click install then WAIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!! Click USE SHARE CODE!!!  And insert this: pjengzSE  Amongst things that you should know about - You may want to add Fastcraft on the right side, before installing. Also if you want to use JourneyMap... The version in RR3 doesn't work (it's bullshit!) go download another here. About banned items: Errr.. Nah not yet. No banned items... I don't like banning items (but I lovvvveee banning abusive players!) Rules: ---Don't cheat... You know what cheating is already... No need to question it! ---Don't do anything inside someone else's town! It's the only safe spot.


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It's bullshit!!!! .net



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