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Category Survival PvP Whitelist MCMMO 
Website http://breachinglightrp.enjin.com/
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Breaching Light is a whitelist Roleplay/Survival server that has a major focus on events run by staff, a unique crafting system and a dice-controlled combat system. Parts focused on Survival: -House-building -Food -PvE survival -OOC player battling -General Survival Parts focused on Roleplay: -Crafting system for roleplay events -Events set up and run by staff for a unique experience -Controlled combat -Lored items and weapons -Server-tailored background lore Our server also includes 24 hour staff contact, friendly and understanding staff, anti-cheat systems, etc! Our server is not yet open, and we are working hard on getting it finished, but feel free to join us on the forums and watch the progress! This is also a whitelist server, so you will need to apply there! http://breachinglightrp.enjin.com/home


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