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IP tnmc.hopto.org
Port 25565
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Country CA
Owner RedEyedRocker
Category Survival Creative Minigames Hub Network 
Uptime 99.87%
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THE NATIONS MC   IP: tnmc.hopto.org Server Info: TheNationsMC - 24/7 Dedicated Bungeecord Network. We are working on development of different game-modes and minigames. We are currently BETA so we won't open any application for Staff at the moment.  (Can update anytime and info here may update late) | Current Gamemodes: Creative, Survival |  | Current Minigames: Survival-Games, Mobarena, Parkour, Skywars | Please support and help us as we work 12+ hours on developing the server and paying to keep the server running 24/7. Join our server, be active, vote and donate to support the server as we're setting up special ranks and permissions to giveaway for 5 players who supports us actively. Server Version: 1.10.2 Server Mode: Premium Server Website: http://tnmc.hopto.org/ Discord Server: http://discord.me/thenationsmc/


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