icon  KronicalPvP

IP kronicalpvp.mcpro.co
Port 25565
Players 0
Country US
Owner DaddyDJ
Category PvP Faction Parkour Raiding Economy 
Uptime 99.80%
Last update 77668 minutes ago

KronicalPvP is the perfect server to meet your faction needs. Most of the server is complete with some amazing plugins and features to best suit you. Our sever has a awesome spawn with parkour, shop, enchanting area and spawner grinder area. Our sever has LOTS of ranks and goodies on the shop to buy to assist you in being the best faction.  Please join KronicalPvP, meet the staff and community and have fun, raid and pvp till the death. Website - http://kronicalpvp.enjin.com/home Email - [email protected]


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