house of potato's
house of potato's

Port 25885
Players Couldn't fetch data
Country country FR
Owner raj3003
Category Creative Faction Skyblock KitPvP 
Uptime 99.11%
Last update 748 minutes ago

Hello! i'm Raj3003 the owner of the server. If you would like to join the server here are the rules.  Rules * Don't be an asshole * Don't grief or steal * Do not spam * Don't use an alt to farm * No AFK machine  So if you agree to these rule make sure to join and take look. Here is some info about the server.  Server name: house of potato's Server IP: server forum: [url][/url]you can join with 1.8.x and 1.9.x and 1.10  This is a multi-game server. whit Kitpvp Factions Creative and Sky block some more little mini-game's later this week. more big game will be added in the future. if you have any good idea's. you can post them on the forum. you can still applie for builder. thanks for taking your time to read this post. i hope i .see you on my server.  if you see any bugs please tell me don't abuse it


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house of potato's



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