icon  Brothercraft CMP

Port 25655
Players 0/36
Version Spigot 1.12.1
Country US
Owner Brothercraft
Category Creative Vanilla Network 
Website http://www.brothercraft.org/
Uptime 99.99%
Last update 3265 minutes ago

JOIN IP: MCBC.EU Brothercraft is a family friendly community with Survival and Creative up and running so far! Creative allows you to let loose your imagination and build to your heart's content. A relatively new addition for us, there is a lot yet to come for CMP!. To access Creative simply do '/server creative' and you'll be there in a jiffy! Our staff is active and friendly, always willing to help with anything you need on the server. So head over and become a member of our much valued and friendly community today! We hope to see you online soon :-)


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