Pixelmon Realms + Custom NPCS 1.7.10 D

Pixelmon Realms + Custom NPCS 1.7.10 D Minecraft banner

Server Information

Status Offline
Port 25586
Players 0
Version 1.7.10
Country US
Owner MaximusPrimeYT
Category Pixelmon 
Uptime 78.5%
Last update 80970 minutes ago


This is Pixelmon Realms We have 4 Regions Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,Sinnoh I am the Owner of Kanto and the Co-Owner of all the rest of the servers Jeffindustries is the Owner of Johoto We Also have Custom NPCS 1.7.10 D Also Emba is the Owner of Hoenn and Slash,WaterKai,Daiko is the Owner of Sinnoh :D

Server Statistics

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