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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country XX
Owner GolamT313
Category PvP Faction PvP Faction Raiding MCMMO 
Uptime 66.2%
Last update 87337 minutes ago


Features: - Spigot 1.10 - 1.8 PvP - Op Kingdoms (Factions remake) - Turrets - Discord linked into the ingame chat to recreate a kind of minechat feel and communication without even having to actually be online! - Custom Mobs - Custom Crates - EULA compliant - Tuns of ideas to make money and still be EULA compliant - CosmicPvP like custom enchants - CustomTnT - Custom Creeper Eggs - Lava and Water Sponge - Bow Zoom and particles - Upgradeable Kingdom/Factions - Easily explained Kingdom functions ingame - Bounty Plugin - JSON chat - type [item] while holding an item to send json item message information in chat - Mine tree and it falls (hooked in with Mcmmo) - Custom Ore spawn rate - Kill Mobs and get cash - In Drop parties items fall from the sky making it easier and fair for players to get items! - Custom Items/Recipes - Custom Warp Plugin - Create mob armies/guards too guard your base from enemies! - Become a vampire and get extra perks and abilities while a vampire! - Become a werewolf and get extra perks and abilities while a werewolf! - Create kingdom/faction armies and guards to guard your base from enemies! #Note: The above is subject to change at any time without note or update to this page

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