icon  SM-PvP

IP smpvp.net
Port 25565
Players 0
Country CA
Owner Darkdragonjay
Category PvP Prison 
Website http://mc-smpvp.net
Uptime 98.29%
Last update 817 minutes ago

Welcome to SM-PvP The SM-PvP Server has finally opened and we have a prison server! The Server has its own donation system, and is more involved and community driven then most small prison servers! IP: Us.Mc-Smpvp.Net . Some Guidelines For Our Server Safe-zoning is frowned upon, and you will be killed if seen doing so Server Rules No hacking. Though we do have NoCheatPlus, if you somehow bypass it, it's a permanent ban. Respect other members and staff. Swearing is not allowed. Spamming and obsessive caps is not allowed Website http://mc-smpvp.net/ Apply For Staff/Builder http://mc-smpvp.net/app Donate! http://mc-smpvp.net/donate


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