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Port 25565
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Country US
Owner Invard
Category Faction PvP Faction Raiding MCMMO 
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Wecome to RebellionMC, we are a growing minecraft network that currently features Factions, Survival, and Skyblock.  Our survival server has a custom gamemode option that allows you to play in a Public/Community world and a Private world. The private world is a world that only you can access but you can invite friends by doing /tpahere. Griefing in the Public world will result in a 7 day temp-ban from the server but not the network.  Our factions server is far from pay to win, with over 58 plugins to maximize your playing experience you won't regret joining.  Some features on Factions are Custom Enchants, MCMMO, and Potion Stacker.  The Skyblock server is a little bit more mainstream but we will be adding custom plugins to increase your fun on there, currently the only custom plugin on Skyblock is where the cobblestone generator generates ores and not just cobble.  Server Rules,  1). No advertising  2). No hacking or illegal mods.  3). No asking for staff or items.  4). Refusing a screenshare is bannable.  5). No excessive swearing.  6). No exploiting glitches.  7). Don't disrespect staff.  8). No spamming chat or using excessive caps.  Server website - [url=http://portal.rebellionmc.us/]http://portal.rebellionmc.us [/url] Servers Twitter account - [url=https://twitter.com/RebellionMC_]https://twitter.com/RebellionMC_ [/url] Servers instagram - [url=https://www.instagram.com/rebellionmcserver/]https://www.instagram.com/rebellionmcserver/ [/url] Server IP - RebellionMC.us


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