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Port 25639
Players 0
Country XX
Owner elfemtog
Category Survival Faction PvP Raiding Economy MCMMO 
Uptime 99.50%
Last update 3613 minutes ago

Welcome to NightCraft! We're a small community server full of fun features like McMMO, Factions and MobArena. Be sure to vote every day for rewards and crate keys! Raiding and Griefing, as well as PvP are enabled! The economy is balanced, and you can steal 10% of a player's money when you kill them! Killing mobs grants money with MobHunting! We're currently looking for staff, and you can apply at our forums over at night-craft.enjin.com However, we've got a strict set of requirements that're non-negotiable so be sure to read those before you come asking questions.


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