icon  New Heaven

IP play.new-heaven.us
Port 25565
Players 21/120
Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.13.x
Country US
Owner RFSMassacre
Category Survival Creative Cracked KitPvP 
Website http://new-heaven.us
Uptime 99.99%
Last update 861 minutes ago

Servers upgraded and redone from the bottom up!
Website: http://new-heaven.us/
IP: play.new-heaven.us
Discord: http://dc.new-heaven.us/

We're a small network started out for fun with friends. We have active staff and intend to cater to a mature community. (Cracked players must use non-premium names to log on.)

SURVIVAL: Werewolves, Vampire, GriefPrevention, MyPet, mcMMO, custom worlds and mobs, 32 new enchantments and more.
CREATIVE: Huge plots, WorldEdit, Disguises, Titles, and more to be added.
KITPVP: 1.8-styled combat, Overwatch-styled custom made kits, team system, PVP levels/stats, TDM. Rank matches coming soon!


IP Year / Month / Day Hour / Minute / Second
2600:1003:b46c:3aa:b853:86b3:14d6:8c25.***.*** 2019.03.10 02:14:43
2600:1003:b443:11db:2c38:7668:3cfe:4860.***.*** 2019.03.09 12:07:49