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Status Offline
IP mc.minedemic.com
Port 25565
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Country US
Owner minedemic
Category PvP Minigames 
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IP: MC.MINEDEMIC.COMWEBSITE: [url=http://www.minedemic.com/]WWW.MINEDEMIC.COM[/url] About Minedemic a completely custom coded gamemode inspired by a mix of Domination and Zone Control. The experience is unlike any other, with custom ranks, kits and maps, it will leave you coming for more! Gameplay Pre-GameBefore each match, there is a one minute waiting period for new players to join. During this waiting period you can choose a class, and you are invincible (you can’t die).Game StartWhen the game starts, you’ll be randomly assigned a team and teleported to your team’s starting spawn. Use your emerald block to choose from a list of classesObjectiveYour goal is to destroy all of the opposing team's core, which is a 3x3x3 gold block near their spawn. Both team's cores are protected by default, and a team must capture the obelisk in order to remove the protection from the opposing team's core.ObeliskAn obelisk is an area in the center of the map. Your team must capture it by having more players inside the area than the opposing team for 30 seconds in order to remove the protection from the opposing team's obelisk.DeathWhen you die, you will be respawned in the predetermined respawn point for your team. You will maintain the same class you chose before. If you want to change classes, simple type a new class command and you will die and respawn with your new class. YoutuberSend me a private message via MinecraftForums with a link to your channel; depending on your channel, you might qualify for a free PRO rank! Staff Application We are also looking for dedicated and community-minded people to be our staff, simply visit [url=http://www.minedemic.com/]here[/url] to apply! Builder and Officer positions are open!

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