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Port 25565
Players 0
Country XX
Owner Web
Category Survival Faction PvP Parkour Raiding MCMMO 
Uptime 98.42%
Last update 44500 minutes ago

Tempest Realms is a Faction PvP server with a fantastic community of staff and players! We feature all the plugins required to run a Faction server, however, we also have a fantastic range of fun activities just for the server creating the ultimate multiplayer experience!  Features:  ► Factions: The server incorporates the Factions plugin which all users can enjoy. You can create factions with friends, and start wars with enemies!  ► McMMO: McMMO is the skill system on the server. You can level up in many amazing skills, and have many abilities! McMMO is specially configured to not be overpowered or unfair.  ► Auctions: Sell your items to other players using our auction system!  ► PvP Logging: Sick of combat loggers? You most likely won't come across any of them on our server, we prevent that and take it seriously! PvP loggers are killed on logout!  ► Lag: We try to eliminate lag as much as possible to provide you with a fun, smooth playing experience.  ► Mystery Crates: Crates contain unique items, spawners, and more!  ► Silk Spawners: Everybody can mine spawners using silk touch pickaxes!  What are you waiting for, come join the fun today!


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