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Bowl Network!
Status Offline
Port 26564
Players 0
Country US
Owner joeysarmy
Category Survival Faction PvP Network Economy MCMMO 
Uptime 84.1%
Last update 10178 minutes ago


This desc is for the survival portion: (we also have factions) (NEED STAFF MUST HAVE AT LEAST ?48 HOURS ?LOGGED ON THE SERVER) This is a survival server that is very new!! We currently need more regular members and a bit more staff. You can claim land and there is economy and mcmmo! These are the rules: No swearing, NO GRIEFING!!!!, No asking for ranks, no asking for items or money. Thats about it for our rules! We do have ranks and stuff but right now the most important thing we need is members because we would like to build a community with this new server! The server is never down or unreachable so you don't have to worry about that. Thats about it thanks for stopping by! The IP is below. IP: (yes the port is default) 

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