icon  Imperio Realms

IP play.imperiopvp.me
Port 25565
Players 0
Country XX
Owner CastLLC
Category Survival PvP Faction PvP Faction Prison 
Uptime 98.40%
Last update 17334 minutes ago

A fresh new server! for a fresh new start! What does Imperio have? -Custom Enchantments! Find enchantment dust and make your own custom enchants! - Amazing and Unique but Non-OP Donator perks and ranks - 0 Lag! There hasn't been any recorded incident in time where this server has crashed!  - Voting system! Vote and get amazing prizes in game! You may even get lucky :) - Custom Custom Custom Custom! Almost half of our plugins are custom coded! - Website! http://imperiopvp.me/ Join our website for important news and updates! - Anti Cheat PvP System. The system we have in place makes sure hackers won't be ruining your gameplay! - Crates! Each time you vote, you'll get a crate key! Use it to open Voter crates to get random prizes! You can also buy higher rank keys for higher rank prizes! play.imperiopvp.me! Join us now for the adventure of a lifetime!


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