[Unique] [NEW] Team Dash Crafted [1.8] [Rankup Games!] [PVP] Minecraft banner
[Unique] [NEW] Team Dash Crafted [1.8] [Rankup Games!] [PVP]
Status Offline
IP teamdashcrafted.net
Port 25565
Players 0
Country XX
Owner TeamDashCrafted
Category PvP Vanilla KitPvP 
Uptime 81.5%
Last update 10486 minutes ago


>> Team Dash Crafted <<  IP: TeamDashCrafted.Net  Gamemode:  RankUp KitPvP (Unique)  How to play:  You start out with one simple kit. You need to get money to get better kits. To get money you must get kills. The more kills the more money. The more money the more rankups. The more rankups the more powerful kits!  Coming Soon:  - More Minecraft Friendly Interactive Community Website only for the TDC Server  - Rankup Creative! (WIP) This will be fun ;)  - More particles! (Free for past donors)  - NEW Donor Kits (With special powers)  *Cough* Ground slam? *cough* 

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