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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country XX
Owner Oberdiah
Category PvP Hardcore PvP Hub Economy 
Uptime 74.9%
Last update 6608 minutes ago


=18pt[color=#000000]=36ptMCColosseum=14ptMCColosseum is an arena-based class fighter where you can choose from more than 20 weapons while you fight to the death in a crazy arena! Made almost entirely from custom plugins, players can open crates, unlock new weapons and l[/color]=18pt[color=#000000]=14ptet the craziness ensue! =14ptMCColosseum's weapons are all custom textured, and it is designed to be the best player experience it can be!  [/color]=18pt[color=#000000]=14ptIf you want to have a bit of fun, join now, with[/color]

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