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Avatar Craft Minecraft Server div.tip-darkgray{visibility:hidden;position:absolute;top:0;left:0;}div.tip-darkgray table, div.tip-darkgray td{margin:0;font-family:inherit;font-size:inherit;font-weight:inherit;font-style:inherit;font-variant:inherit;}div.tip-darkgray td.tip-bg-image span{display:block;font:1px/1px sans-serif;height:10px;width:10px;overflow:hidden;}div.tip-darkgray td.tip-right{background-position:100% 0;}div.tip-darkgray td.tip-bottom{background-position:100% 100%;}div.tip-darkgray td.tip-left{background-position:0 100%;}div.tip-darkgray div.tip-inner{background-position:-10px -10px;}div.tip-darkgray div.tip-arrow{visibility:hidden;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;font:1px/1px sans-serif;}.fancybox-margin{margin-right:12px;}Avatar Craft is server based off of the popular 'The Last AirBender' TV show. You pick your Element (Fire,Air, water and earth). Each element has its own skills which you can use to favour you in PVP battles. Join today at : 


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Avatar Craft



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