FreeRoam SMP

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Status Online
Port 25683
Players 0/0
Country US
Owner Opinium
Category Survival PvP Raiding Spigot 
Uptime 100.0%
Last update 49222 minutes ago


NOT AN ANARCHY A SMP where almost anything except cheating/hacking is possibleThis is not a towny/factions/clans/landclaiming type of server there is no grief prevention eitherKeepInventory is not onSilktouch spawnersNo staff will be givenGriefing Raiding and PVP is allowedRunning 1.17.1The world border Is 32 MillionSome datapacks i.e. RottenFlesh2Leather, CraftingTweaks, SilkTouchSpawners, FastLeafDecay, ClassicFishingLoot, MoreMobHeads, PvPHeads, DeathCoords, TreeCapitator, NotchAppleRecipeThe 50% player sleep gamerule is active8 /sethomesDifficulty Is on hardThere Is no LandClaiming of any kindThere is Veinminer/TreeCapitatorThere is a plugin for mending + infinity bowsThere is no /back feature only DEATHCOORDS

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