icon  Tech Fortress - a near-vanilla experience

IP tf.us.to
Port 25565
Players 0/50
Version 1.13.2
Country US
Owner RoboMWM
Category Survival PvP Vanilla 
Website http://thetechfortress.blogspot.com
Uptime 99.99%
Last update 19176 minutes ago

Tech Fortress aims to provide the closest you can get to a vanilla Minecraft experience, while providing self-service protection against griefers (which is the main issue with vanilla servers, without resorting to things like a whitelist or large/always-online staff). Join the near-vanilla experience while enjoying simple, grief-proof property protection. Server updates are posted on the blog: http://thetechfortress.blogspot.com Discuss ideas at the forum: http://bit.ly/techboards


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