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Ender Core
Status Offline
Port 25627
Players 0
Country XX
Owner Rexzy_YT
Category Faction PvP Faction 
Uptime 84.1%
Last update 54777 minutes ago


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- EnderCore 24/7 NO LAG AMAZING DROP PARTYS DONATE NOW TOO KEEP UP THE SERVER IP:   --------------------------------------------------------------------------- website: lelfactions.enjin.com   Donation Website: lelfactions.buycraft.net  -------------------------------------------------------------------------- FUTURE MINIGAMES:  KIT PVP SURVIVAL GAMES  PARKOUR  {PICK FOR US}  -------------------------------------------------------------------------    STAFF:  WE DONT NEED NON WE ONLY NEED PLAYER {We will see someone that doesnt get online so dont worry you might get applied}        PLAYER ONLINE:   5/100     i wanna see  84/100 online :D     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  DONATION GOAL 10.00USD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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