icon  Pyrex Prison

IP prison.pyrexnetwork.net
Port 25565
Players 0
Version 1.11.2
Country US
Owner ShadowDelux
Category Survival PvP Prison Vanilla 
Uptime 99.15%
Last update 25524 minutes ago

Pyrex Prison  NOW OPEN  PRISON.PYREXNETWORK.NET  Welcome to Pyrex Prison  Custom Builds  Friendly Staff  Op Economy  Owned By  ShadowDelux  TheLastTrumpet  Style_  Pyrex Prison is a great prison which has recently released, we have a great community and much more to come in the future  Come join us today  Additional Links  [url=http://pyrex-store.buycraft.net/]http://pyrex-store.buycraft.net/ [/url] ts3.pyrexnetwork.net  Website Coming Very Soon 


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