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Port 26210
Players 0
Country XX
Owner ash112
Category Survival PvP 
Uptime 98.20%
Last update 23302 minutes ago

    KickAzz Wars Status:    StatusOnline! Pinged: less than a minute ago Location:    United States Game Version:    Minecraft 1.8.1 Connect With: Siegewarfare mark_plays ash112 KickAzz Wars  Towny added  PVP/Survival surver  Fresh server Updates coming soon  24/7 dedicated server  rules  Don't Be An Ass  Updates to the server will come over time, this server is a public server however alot of my friends play it, We encourage PVP and trade.  No refunds will be given to /auctions  update log  -Towny been added  - shops been added ( temp shops)


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