icon  Awesome Sauce

IP mc.awesomesauce.cc
Port 25565
Players 47/50
Version Paper 1.12.2
Country US
Owner Shambugi
Category Survival Creative Minigames RPG Raiding 
Website http://www.awesomesauce.cc
Uptime 99.99%
Last update 7517 minutes ago

Awesome Sauce is a unique new survival server! If you would like to start "fresh" in a new survival server with some amazing people then come on in, we would love to have you. We are a family friendly server and some of our features include: McMMO, an economy allowing Auctions, Lotteries, Player Shops, Server Shops, Awesome Blocks, Custom Gear and Collector Blocks, Anti-Griefing, Strong and Properly Selected Rules, PVP-Designated Areas, Quests and much, much more in-game!


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