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Join forums - INTRODUCTION  I-Craft is a community that Pops out, something that you would consider to "have it all" for your amusement.  I-Craft is a growing community filled with a large range of players, spanning from the beginners, to the experts. We offer a wide variety of gamemodes, so players can aspire to get the top. Will you be the next I-Craft Legend? Will you're name be remembered throughout history?  Servers  * Factions (Claim land and fight with other clans!)  * Kit-Pvp (Fight your opponents, Who will be the best PvP:er?)  * SkyWars (Fight Eachother on floating islands, Make sure to not fall down)  Upcoming! * Skyblock (Create your own island. But be careful, If you fall, you are dead!)  Upcoming! * Creative (Create Your own plot! Only your imagination decides)  Upcoming! * Survival-Games  Upcoming! *Minigames   * 72GB RAM  * Dual X5650  * 12 Cores / 24 Threads  * 2.7Ghz/ 3.1Ghz Turbo  * 3 TB HDD  * DDOS Protection


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I-Craft | Factions | Kit-PvP | SkyWars | And More |



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