icon  Gravoxfactions

IP gravoxfactions.mc.gg
Port 25565
Players 1/100
Version Paper 1.14.4
Country XX
Owner GravoGaming
Category Faction PvP Faction Raiding Economy 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 12136 minutes ago

GravoxFactions This server is based around old school factions! PvP and Raiding is our passion and lets be honest if you are reading this than it's your passion also. Our community is based on having a good time, We are 100% against hacking and it will not be tolerated on any level. We strive to keep our staff at a mature level and show everyone respect and we expect the same from our players the chat is not completely filtered but excessive language is still against the rules. Enjoy yourselves and get involved with the website to keep an eye out for #Giveaways and #Events GravoxGaming.Enjin.com


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