icon  Elemental Prison

IP mc-elementalprison.info
Port 25565
Players 0
Country US
Owner wlot28
Category PvP Faction Prison Parkour 
Website http://mc-elementalprison.online
Uptime 99.27%
Last update 6320 minutes ago

Welcome to Elemental Prison! You've been convicted for reasons unknown; once you woke up, you found yourself inside a strange prison, unable to escape. Now you must climb your way up the prison hierarchy: Dirt, Stone, Iron, Gold, Emerald, and Diamond, before finally claiming your freedom in a strange city named Elysium. If you behave, are responsible, and are an adept fighter, you will be considered to become a prison guard. Earn powerful Elements that will give you strange abilites, complete quests and obstacles to earn money and respect, and finally, kill your fellow prisoners to climb up the ranks. Left with no past nor future, all that's left is your determination to escape!


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