icon  Loupe Settlement

IP mc.loupesettlement.com
Port 25566
Players 0
Country US
Owner LoupeSettlement
Category Survival Vanilla 
Uptime 98.49%
Last update 14484 minutes ago

We are a friendly, fun, and mature community of players. Game play is vanilla, PvE, and set to hard mode. Your builds and items are protected with the fast and effective use of anti-grief plugins. We took our time carefully chosing a map with plenty of features and all biomes available. Our well trained staff is 100% adult and always available to lend a hand. The owners of Loupe Settlement are based both in the UK and the US. Additionally, our player base is a truly international bunch - Canada, US, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, and Australia. We are hosted on a powerful dedicated server and have great ping worldwide. [u]Come check us out and visit our very unique and beautiful spawn.[/u]


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