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Port 25565
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Country US
Owner AuzziPuppy
Category Survival Minigames 
Website http://stardustmc.com
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IP : STARDUSTMC.NETWelcome to StardustNetworksWelcome to StardustNetworks. We are a small minecraft community. Our information is down below, and we welcome all ages! We started off August 10th 2015. We currently consist of only SMP (Survival MultiPlayer) but are soon to be an amazing, big hub!  Contact Information Need to contact someone about a hacker or issue? Here are your options!Email - [email][email protected][/email]In-Game Mail - /mail AuzziPuppy <message> Donate"Why donate?" you may ask. Well, it is our job as staff members to keep you happy! Our donation ranks, crates, and other goodies come with legendary prizes. Ranks come with awesome perks, such as flying, pets, and much more! All of our donations go 100% to funding the server. That means every penny, nickel, and dime that you donate goes straight to helping the server!You can donate by typing /buy in game or by going to buy.stardustmc.net


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