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IP ntfmine.game.nfoservers.com:25565
Port 25565
Players 0/30
Version Spigot 1.12.2
Country US
Owner BasonXin
Category Faction PvP 
Website https://nationaltaskforce.net/
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 1556 minutes ago

okay lets start off by saying hello I'm a long term owner of National Task Force Studios I am 22 years of age tall dark and handsome single as A cringle and not ready to mingle. Now this being said and as you can tell we will be opened a Minecraft server! we would love to take some of you aboard and would love suggestions on addons/scripts/rules ect. If you are interested PLEASE join this discord: https://discord.gg/gutnnmQ and to to channel #minecraft-help and put suggestions and if you your self wants to become admin we do have positions lined up to do so! The servers we run are as followed Garry's Mod | FiveM | Minecraft| Rust SOON | Ark SOON!! Our website: https://nationaltaskforce.net/ Our server Factions pvp normal difficulty MCMMO Modded Sincerely BasonTaylor


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