Furry Den Minecraft banner
Furry Den
Status Online
IP furrydenmc.ddns.net
Port 25565
Players 4/20
Version Paper 1.15.2
Country US
Owner RoseLilly
Category Survival Creative Economy 
Discord Click to join
Uptime 85.5%
Last update 3 minutes ago
Furry Den is a LGBTQ+ furry Minecraft server that offers a safe space for others of the fandom to have a true environment to express themselves, while playing survival Minecraft. We have a lot of cool stuff you can do on the server, like Portal Guns, Spleef, and more! Here, we also have manual claim protection, to prevent grief and a powerful rollback plugin to redo any type of grief anyone throws at us.Furry Den has an active staff team that's growing, and friendly! Us staff keeps the server safe for all to play on. Even if you don't have Minecraft java, or don't have it at all, you can still hang with us inside of the discord and telegram chat..

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