icon  Imperial Club

Port 25565
Players 1/100
Version Paper 1.14.3
Country US
Owner ZeroHacks
Category Survival PvP Vanilla 
Website http://imperialclub.buycraft.net/
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 2859 minutes ago

Imperial Club We're a Minecraft community with our own Minecraft server, always looking for more members to join us and make the community bigger. Our Discord server is for mainly Minecraft stuff but we can talk about other subjects, or IRL stuff. We're currently looking for members to stay on our community and make it more active, fun and interesting as possible. We'll do some giveaways on the server if we get the enough money to pay hosting stuff and to pay for the giveaway prizes. Join us now! Imperial Club is a Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server with the goal to provide to you the best, hard and fun experience, keeping it as vanilla a possible. We have a big world, an anti-griefing plugin to protect your builds, the world is set to hard mode, pvp is enable and with different and interesting challenges you might be interest in, such as custom dungeons we created with awesome loot. We're currently looking for challengers to join our server and be the strongest & richest player who can dominate the server.


IP Year / Month / Day Hour / Minute / Second
2806:108e:15:100d:8106:3d1e:6ab8:ca31.***.*** 2019.07.18 02:13:12
2806:108e:15:100d:7970:67ec:8d1d:6a8d.***.*** 2019.07.17 10:40:29
2806:108e:15:100d:c13f:3a83:2b08:8fa0.***.*** 2019.07.16 03:38:07
2806:108e:15:100d:59a7:3ee4:c121:709.***.*** 2019.07.15 08:36:33
2806:108e:15:100d:2d1f:22bc:3821:22ca.***.*** 2019.07.13 04:09:15
189.154.***.*** 2019.07.12 04:19:07