icon  Atrosity MC - Factions

IP af.mc-dns.com
Port 25565
Players 0/0
Country XX
Owner Atronis
Category Survival PvP Faction PvP Hardcore PvP Raiding 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 14327 minutes ago

AtrosityMC Factions is a pvp factions server running by 2 owners. We are trying to develop a factions server and hope it will grow in population overtime. The factions server comes with many features just like any factions server, but this time, we are fresh and brand new. To start off, we have plugins like auctionhouse, customenchants, disguises, silkspawners, clearlag, and more. We have a plugin where obsidians and bedrocks are made to be blown up by TNT. We have also disabled crafting of hoppers to make it more valuable. This server tries to bring you some fun when there are events going on like dropparties, envoys, and other kind of events. Come join now from any Minecraft version from 1.8-1.14!


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