icon  RoleCraft

IP play.rolecraft.net
Port 25565
Players 1/100
Version 1.12.2
Country GB
Owner rolecraft
Category Survival PvP Economy 
Website http://rolecraft.net
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 7 minutes ago

Inspired by the myriad of tech-heavy modpacks out there and, in the spirit of the old Gamer’s Without Shoes ‘RoleCraft’ server, ‘RoleCraft: A New Dawn’ is available via the Technic Launcher. It is recommended to allocate 6GB RAM and 5-10 minutes loading time, longer on first run, is NOT unusual. RoleCraft: A New Dawn has a specific selection of mods and is customised to facilitate creativity and teamwork over full-on industrial automation. The mod selection is now all but set in stone however please fee free to request any additional mods via the [url=https://discord.gg/WBn8c3H]Discord Server[/url] or [url=http://forum.myworldnetwork.net/viewforum.php?f=17]Message Board[/url]. Things are still subject to minor tweaks and mods are generally updated on a monthly basis


IP Year / Month / Day Hour / Minute / Second
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:ac90:b82f:19c:b316.***.*** 2019.07.21 02:24:42
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:bceb:cf9a:c730:e0b8.***.*** 2019.07.18 02:09:52
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:e515:9e10:2c33:528e.***.*** 2019.07.17 01:57:33
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:fdc5:af42:7d5d:c201.***.*** 2019.07.16 12:47:41
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:854b:62de:7aa0:abdf.***.*** 2019.07.15 12:01:31
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:d0bc:9996:98e3:193f.***.*** 2019.07.14 12:44:35
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:f4b6:ad5b:5c69:9462.***.*** 2019.07.12 01:23:15
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:a955:7d56:8532:1a3b.***.*** 2019.07.11 12:31:03
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:d993:e8f1:b0e2:46c1.***.*** 2019.07.10 02:19:33
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:64fe:87f:edce:826d.***.*** 2019.07.08 12:04:14
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:e0f8:522f:2e3a:574.***.*** 2019.07.06 01:55:24
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:1094:6cab:d83f:7ab7.***.*** 2019.07.05 01:59:46
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:a4d5:de78:8619:b69d.***.*** 2019.07.04 01:37:44
2a02:c7f:5e0b:5500:6900:d7c8:fcd5:5024.***.*** 2019.07.02 01:46:30