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Stellar Mc
Status Online
Port 25565
Players 11/555
Version §cStellarMC
Country US
Owner XxPermaxX
Category Survival Faction Cracked Skyblock MCMMO 
Discord Click to join
Uptime 85.3%
Last update 12 minutes ago


Cracked Minecraft Server ★ 1.16.1 Survival PVP Arenas, Bosses, Up gradable Furnaces, Hoppers, Epic Farming Crates, Tokens, Vote Parties!! ★ 1.8 Eternal OP-Factions Monthly Ftop Payouts this Season, Head Hunters, Mcmmo, Custom Enchants, Gen Buckets Spawners will not be mineable via silk touch ( 5 Days before the end of Each Month) ★ 1.8 Overgrown Factions Protection I-V New /shop, No GenBuckets! 3 Month Map, Duel Top Buycraft Money!, Head Hunters, Jobs, Mcmmo, Inventory Pets, KOTH, Crates, Ranks, Envoys! ★ 1.16.1 Skyblock Custom Built Islands, Vote Parties, Semi-Automatic Farms Allowed, /Shop, Natural End and Nether! Just reset 07-07-2020 ★ 1.8+ Mini-Games l Bed Wars FFA-Pvp, Kit Battle Unlock more kits the more you battle!, Sky Pvp, Survival Games, Creative, Skywars ★ 1.12.2 Prison 10 Prestiges, 7 Donor Ranks, Plots, Crates, Tokens ★ Cannon Server TNT Fill, Beer Spigot, Compatible with Stellar Factions Servers, TNT Toggle, Donator Ranks ★ A New Stellar way of Minecraft! Website:

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