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Port 25565
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Country country US
Owner PixelMenace
Category Faction PvP Faction Hardcore Prison Minigames 
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Last update 1903 minutes ago

PixelMenace is a recently created remade of an old beloved server that shutdown (previously NoZeNPvP).  The server contains the following servers: Crazy Overpowered Factions == An overpowered server (extremely) with factions. Premium ranks which include kits, various PvP warps and all around fun. PitVP (vs Player[s]) == You spawn in a pit and are forced to PvP, every kill you get is recorded and you are awared tokens to purchase diamond armor, golden apples, enderpearls and more boosts!  Coming soon: - Prison - A customly developed prison plugin. - Skyrage - Will include more information later.  


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