icon  PWGCraft

IP pwgcraft.com
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.8.8
Country XX
Owner ElijahPWG
Category Survival PvP Economy 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 23220 minutes ago

Name: PWGCraft IP: pwgcraft.com Version 1.9-1.13 (we recommend using 1.12.2 as it's the least glitchy) PWGCraft is a new and upcoming survival server with a PvP arena, rentable market stalls, plots, and much more! We have economy too, so we encourage you to start making towns with your friends and letting other players visit! There's quests, so you can win cool rewards! Plots are 42 by 42. Crate keys are received from kits and you can get blocks and rare items from them. We try to promote a happy and positive environment for all members. There is an Easter egg hunt in the lobby, and each one you find gives you +$10000 Perks such as /near, /heal, /invsee, /echest, /workbench, /back, veinminer, backpacks, and more are purchasable with in-game currency. - Rules - No inappropriate builds. No griefing other player's builds, even if they aren't claimed. No spamming. Do not join and ask for staff immediately, you'll get a 100% no. Don't purposely/forcefully advertise. No hacks or x-ray resource packs. Don't abuse glitches or bugs, instead report them to staff. No mods that can cheat or that are similar to hacking (mods like Opti-Fine are allowed). Keep swearing and toxicity to a minimum. There should be no sexism, racism, or any types of discrimination. Do not claim any other player's base. Do not use alts to delay kit times, give you an advantage, etc. (We can see if you're using an alt.) No TP killing, spawn killing, or spam killing.  If you kill a player more than 5 times in a row in a short time period, you'll be asked to stop. Do not cause excessive lag for the server.


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