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IP howlmc.net
Port 25565
Players 0/100
Version Paper 1.13.2
Country US
Owner FrostLord
Category Survival Towny Economy MCMMO Adventure 
Website https://howl.tebex.io
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 3501 minutes ago

☬  Welcome to HowlMC!!  ☬         **IP: howlmc.net**  Howl is home to a quality driven, small-scale community filled with friendly people and dedicated staff. Released in mid-2018, our family continues to grow and prosper with beautiful builds, engaging events, and a core team of dedicated players that is always expanding! HowlMC has something for everyone:❖ Over 250 custom items, including 16 new tool/armor materials and 2 brand new types of weapon, all with their own custom textures and properties (No mods needed!)❖ Fully custom world generation, with stunning landscapes and amazing biomes❖ 7 different races to choose from, each with their own ways of making money ❖ Trading cards❖ Towny❖ mcMMO❖ 9 free-to-play ranks, which allow you to earn exclusive perks and cool tags, just by playing!❖ Donor perks ❖ Custom Enchantments (Over 60) ❖ A automatic container protection system, so your items are always safe! ❖ An understanding and active staff team ❖ Fun for the whole family (Primarily PG) ❖ Discord Integration - Participate in server chat from your Discord app, keep track of announcements, view our changelog, and peruse our guides!… and more :D If you're eager to be a member of an inclusive, clean, and friendly community, visit us anytime at HowlMc.net! ☘ ❖ 11/10 minecrafters were able to mine and craft in all their favorite ways! ⚔  Feel free to check out our Discord server at: [url]https://discord.gg/EGFsTxy[/url]!  ⚔


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2600:1700:12f0:81e0:582d:6c36:2402:fa5.***.*** 2019.06.08 04:01:07
5.186.***.*** 2019.06.08 03:27:12
5.186.***.*** 2019.06.07 11:15:12
71.120.***.*** 2019.06.06 06:58:56