icon  Xironite

IP Xironite.com
Port 25565
Players 7/8
Version BungeeCord
Country US
Owner Xirion
Category Survival RPG Towny MCMMO Adventure 
Website https://www.xironite.com
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 1781 minutes ago

Our main gamemode is Towny, you can create a town, invite other players and rule the server! You can also be a big economist, or do you just want to be everyone's friend? Follow your own path! We hold vanilla survival close to our hearts but we provide a lot of 'quality of life' plugins to make playing a little easier and simpler. We also have mcMMO, a plugin that allows you to level skills such as mining, archery, and herbalism. Our staff team works hard every day to make Xironite a fun place for everyone and to assist you with any problems you may have. A staff member is almost always just a command away no matter what time of day, and we will always be glad to hop on to help you, whether you just have a question about how the server works or need grief fixed.  


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