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Owner XSaeedCraft
Category Survival Minigames Hub Skywars KitPvP 
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Hello Everyone, I am very happy to invite you all to Topaz Gaming!! we currently have Anarchy, KitPVP, SkyWars, SurvivalGames, and we have Creative Plots, We also have a special Staff Hall, this is where we have our staff team. The staff team is always working on improving the server and is always listening to your guys' suggestions, give us a try :) we present the best gaming experience! Join Now At: Play.TopazGaming.Net  Topaz Gaming also has a Public Discord Server. Hop on in and say hi ---> https://discord.gg/wBayXS3 Topaz Gaming is also looking for staff so please feel free to apply by checking this link ---> https://bit.ly/2PVILz7 Please feel free to contact me via Discord if you need anything:  Mr Saaed#6633  I hope to see your friendly face on the server!!


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