Europa Craftalis

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Server Information

Status Online
Port 25566
Players 0/100
Version Spigot 1.12.2
Country RO
Owner EmperorSalt
Category PvP Faction PvP Faction RPG Raiding 
Discord http//
Uptime 85.0%
Last update 85650 minutes ago


Europa Craftalis is a PvP and Roleplay server set in 1700s Europe. Offering a wide range of plugins including Movecraft, Dynmap and Factions, "EC" is the only server that has a custom built Europe map on this game (15,000 x 15,000 approximately!) with accurate mountain ranges, rivers, islands and more!  At Europa Craftalis, we aim to bring the best possible Roleplay experience to players without using bugged or unfair plugins like MCMMO. As a result, we have a forums set up for making Military, Political and Architectural announcements, as well as an in depth Roleplay system designed for even the most hardcore roleplayer to enjoy.  We also have in place several mechanics to allow players to create their own hierarchy within their nation, such as Army and Navy ranks. With the help of a modified version of Movecraft, ships are not only sail-able, you can build your own with the resources you gather!

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