Mystic Towny

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Server Information

Status Online
Port 25664
Players 0/20
Version Spigot 1.12.2
Country XX
Owner Zadtreic
Category Survival PvP Towny 
Uptime 84.9%
Last update 12418 minutes ago


Want a default experience with but want your land protected from greifing? A Towny Server is right for you. Hi! My Gamertag is Zadtreic, thanks for taking a look at our server! I'm the owner of Mystic Towny, and I am having a blast learning and using towny a plugin for minecraft. I am new at running a server however I am learning really quick thanks to my partners in the EHS Network, so shout out to those guys! This is a towny server with various "quality of life" plugins. We are apart of the EHS Network. Visit our donation store at [url][/url] and join us in game at and most importantly, jump in our discord server at [url][/url] so you can get involved in the chat! Just post something like "Hey im new!" What is towny? It's a Minecraft Plugin that allows you to create towns which you can then combine into nations. Once you reach the nation stage you can wage war nation against nation. If you want to find out more about towny simply google it! it'll come right up. Have questions? Just DM me on Discord Zadtreic#6095

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