icon  UglyVille

IP ugly-ville.com
Port 0
Players 0/60
Version 1.12.2
Country GB
Owner AnUglyWeirdo
Category Survival Creative RPG Economy 
Website https://uglyville.enjin.com/
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 1696 minutes ago

At UglyVille we strive to create a community focused on the basics. We really want to bring back that feeling of nostalgia where you can play the game with no worries just like back in the day. Whether its creating hidden bases with redstone and pistons or building huge monuments for the world to see.  Were a Semi-Vanilla server at the moment with plugins like Dynmap, Essentials, AutoRank and GriefPrevention to add some extra depth to your gameplay you of course dont have to use any of these plugins if you dont want to. Furthermore, as the server is all shiny and new we are going to go through an Alpha and Beta period, allowing players to submit suggestions for plugins, areas, builds or anything else theyd like to see on the server.


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