icon  TemplePrime

Port 27144
Players 0/999
Version Spigot 1.14.3
Country BE
Owner Kane_Lives
Category Survival Economy 
Website http://templeprime.enjin.com
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 147755 minutes ago

Welcome To TemplePrime,We are a friendly community where people can enjoy playing together without the worry of beeing killed by PVP.We offer a new dimension of Survival, with a whole new world with special caves, new tools, armors and some items.We have a new special nether Also have we a bunch of new mobs that you have to deal with. PVP will not be allowed in the world but only @SPECIAL ARENAS. You can claim and protect your land of Griefers but also from mobs destrying blocks or killing your animals.We have a site @templeprime.enjin.com You don’t need to register there @the site, but if you do you get some more privileges, updates and if you vote for us you get points on the site that you can use @the shop. So come and join us and try making beautifull cities with us  


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