icon  IndustrialCraft

IP industrial.mc-dns.com
Port 25603
Players 2/60
Version 1.13.2
Country AF
Owner TheCreata
Category Skyblock 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 250826 minutes ago

Hello, welcome to Industrial Craft!  Industrial Craft is a Skyblock server with crates, ranks and a shopgui and a lot more cool plugins to help advance the gameplay on our server, we are currently in beta and we are still in development but come on and join anyway and help create a friendly, peaceful community for Industrial Craft!  - IP: industrial.mc-dns.com  - IP: - Staff Applications, Donation Store and the discord are officially open! I own Industrial Craft and I need players and staff members to check out the server and suggest anything to me as well as report any bugs or flaws in the server and I can fix it as soon as possible, If you would like to apply for staff please do so on the website and if you don't do it on the website or beg me to make you a staff member you'll be automatically denied and will not be considered for staff on this server.  I hope to see you on there! ~TheCreata 


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