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Status Offline
Port 46250
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.12.2
Country XX
Owner KingUK10
Category Survival RPG Economy MCMMO 
Uptime 73.7%
Last update 7981 minutes ago


=12ptRoleplayCraft is a fun and relaxed survival server.  We are a casual roleplay server meaning roleplay is not strict nor is it enforced.  Our theme is RPG fantasy and you can create your own areas in any style of building you wish.  We have an RPG styled race system, see Races for full details.  You can play this server for free with full build rights.  If you choose to donate, you will be rewarded with access to more commands and the coveted, kit diamond.  New players must apply for our first player rank to prevent grief and trolling.  To join our server, please make a Villager application on our forums by clicking [url=]here[/url].

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